Hi! Been playing on iOS (without hacks) sinces the games came out a few yrs ago, still playing it without hacks since I hate jailbreaking my phones, however, I wanna fool around with hacks and mods on bluestacks, mostly khổng lồ check maxed out plants và see whats worth/fun leveling.

Tried lớn run a modded game through bluestacks but it gets stuông chồng at updating (which yên ổn sure it shouldnt be doing that)

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Modding on BS is the same as modding on Android.

https://youtu.be/TtoxlEgjcjc this video clip should help

Extract the zip file from link, you'll have sầu the 4 .json files

xuất hiện your file directory (you need to tải về it on BS) & go lớn android/data/com.ea.game.pvz2.row/files/no_backup/cdn.6.1

Find the files with the same names as the ones you extracted & baông xã them up

Copy your new .json files khổng lồ cdn.61

Enjoy the modded game, all purchases will cost you 1 gem và all plants will be at max lvl. If you want khổng lồ return to lớn unmodded game, change the modded .json files khổng lồ normal ones you backed-up

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I ran the game successfully on Nox. Unmodded one though.

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